Trainning services

Audio/ Music Producer Training

Expected Outcomes
  • Record, mix, master and share your passion with the world as a Sound Engineer/ Music Producer!
  • You will be able to automate and edit Audio Plugins and enhance your Music Production workflow.
  • You will know how to mic various different instruments in the studio environment.
  • You will be able to use a basic Music Production DAW.
  • You will be able to use MIDI Controllers and Software Instruments within the Music Production environment.
  • You will know how to produce music.
  • You will be on your way to having a successful career in the Sound & Music Industry!

You will learn things like…

  • equalization
  • compression
  • mic placement
  • plugins
  • audio editing
  • effects processing
  • how to import and export your tracks
  • how to record audio
  • how to produce music
  • Piano & Music Theory
  • The Music Industry
  • Music Business

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums etc Lessons Nairobi

Mavic Records Training in Professional Music Performance has pathways designed to cater for the needs of persons that want to develop their talent for music.

We aim to broaden and deepen every student’s understanding of the creation of music, across a wide range of instrument; Piano, Guitar, Voice, violin and Drums in order to best equip them with the skills to ultimately be included in the contemporary music world’s list of top professionals.

One may also enrol simply for recreation…

We have got different packages on offer.

Mavic records Academy  is Located on Basement B1/1, Jiwabhai Vekaria Building, Taveta Road, opposite Taveta shopping Mall, Nairobi Kenya.

We also offer Deejaying, music and video producer trainnings for enthusiasts.

Dj Training

For more than half a decade Mavic Records has been teaching students of all ages how to mix through a comprehensive program which guides students in beatmatching, CD and vinyl mixing, scratch techniques, softwares and business. Classes are taught by professional DJs on the latest top of the range equipment. A certificate is awarded after successful completion.

Equipment Set-Up

  • Equipment functions
  • Introduction to Pioneer CDJs
  • Fade Mixing: basic transitions using the volume faders
  • Cueing techniques/Setting a cue point on Pioneer CDJs
  • Counting beats and bars, ‘Drop Mixing’


  • How to detect BPM/Tempo using Pioneer mixers / BPM counters
  • Understanding the structure of dance music / Beats, Bars and Phrasing
  • Beat matching different tracks
  • Practice phrase alignment/ synchronizing beats for mixes

Scratch Techniques and Deejaying  Softwares Plus How to Grow your DJ Business Available as bonus

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