Okere Black

Being a believer of his own creation and sincere emotions through music, Okere Black is transforming from what we can term Modern music to his own heart touching crazy unchallenged influencing music style.

Born in 1992 in a Christian background family somewhere in Mumias District of Kenya, Okere Black grew up under pressure from his Parents in terms of discipline and education, Okere Black didn’t have enough friends because he believed in intrapersonal communication of which made him even more creative in terms of design and uniqueness in his talent.

The nature of his parents’ attitude towards such behaviors of singing which according to them was more of devilish, despite this challenge, Okere Black chose his heart and while in standard six, he had the courage to sing to the entire class the very best of Akon, “LONELY.” It was this day that everybody began referring to him as Msani. This “Name” made him happy and turned his fear into a reliable dream.

As his confidence grew and his style developed, he soon saw a loyal following begin to grow and he became a popular local hit in Matungu District Cultural music scene.

In Nairobi his musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by ambitious young artists in Nairobi that he found all around him. Although RNB, pop and African Pop is where Okere Black’s roots lie, and there was plenty on offer in Nairobi, that is not to say that he finds himself restricted to this genre.

In 2018 He decided to go Commercial in his music.

Its his determination towards standing out that has seen his touring schedule increase relentlessly, and he is finding himself more in demand than ever in venues and interviews across Nairobi. It seems that the country is building an appreciation for his sound and talent, and his loyal army of fans spread far and wide across the Continent are waiting eagerly for their first chance to listen to the next single.

Okere Black’s domination in Social Media gave him a lifetime opportunity to be interviewed by Drooble of which his passionate well thought answers to questions laid upon him shook Drooble to accepting him as a skillful, ambitious upcoming artist, example of questions asked by Drooble is, and I quote,” What inspires you to make music?” He answered, “The emotions and the feelings that I can’t hold back, the freedom I feel in writing and singing Music, the words that will make me feel wired when I talk them out to the subject. The Inspirations I feel and learn and would like to pass over to the people who can use them.”More so, in his journey, Okere Black won Several awards including but not least to, JKUAT Best Performing Artist and The Golden Talent Award.

Website: http://www.bkereblack.africa

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